About MyMarket Heatmap

Market Heatmaps are great for quickly identifying the most active financial instruments. Each Heatmap is color-coded and instrument tiles move dynamically to reflect market activity so you can find the best trades. The easy-to-use interface make the Heatmaps ideal for new traders, yet powerful enough for professional traders.

The Trader Toolbox puts powerful information at your fingertips. No longer do you have to go from one website for trading news, economic announcements, charts, and trading signals. A virtual one-stop-shop that saves you time and money so you can make informed trading decisions with confidence!

Whether you are new to trading or a seasoned veteran, My Market Heatmap™ has you covered with video education modules provided by Elite Traders University, a premier trading Education Company. Learn the basics of trading, how to open an account, types of indicators, as well as how to place trades. In addition, there are short, easy-to-follow Quick-Start videos that show you how to best use the Heatmaps. You will also get discounts on advanced courses and coaching as well.

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