• My Market Heatmap™ is a dynamic graphical interface which shows, at a glance, which of 72 different financial instruments is the most active. This allows traders to quickly identify the best and most active instruments to trade and the direction they are moving.

     Financial instrument moving in the green are trending up are green, ones in red are trending down. On the other hand, financial instruments in the gray are moving sideways.

    1. Trading the strongest and most and most active financial instruments is the key to profitable and consistent trading. Many traders do not know what to trade. They are often stuck in bad trades that are not moving or are going in the opposite direction. My Market Heatmap™ helps traders by using a simple, easy-to-read graphical interface and color key to quickly identify the most active financial instruments.
      Simply look to buy when a financial instrument is in the green zone or look to sell in the red zone and stay away from financial instruments trading in the green zone.
      It’s that easy. No more looking at dozens of charts on multiple screens!
    2. My Market Heatmap™ contains a suite of trader tools including
      ● Charting
      ● Economic Calendar
      ● Streaming News Headlines
      ● Sentiment Indicator
      ● Trading Calculators
      ● Signals
    3. In addition, My Market Heatmap™ has a Traders School for beginners to learn how to trade the markets.
  • My Market Heatmap™ uses a live, institutional grade data feed that updates every 5 seconds giving you the most accurate and power data available. The 72 tiles resemble ones on Financial news like Bloomberg and CNBC. Each tile moves independently in real-time based on the percentage change of the currency from the 5pm US New York time.
    My Market Heatmap™ is 5 heatmaps in one covering major Stock Market Indices, Commodities, Crypto, Forex, and All markets on one Heatmap.
    By itself, My Market Heatmap™ dynamic graphical interface is a powerful tool used my retail and institutional traders alike. But My Market Heatmap™ also has a suite of trader tools to empower traders with additional useful information. Charting, Sentiment indicators, News, Economic calendar and more. This makes My Market Heatmap™ the Swiss Army knife of trader tools.

    1. Make sure that you have a stable Internet connection. Also check that you are connected.
    2. Refreshing the browser and removing cookies could remedy the situation
    3. Restarting/rebooting your device should be attempted
    4. The market may be closed if you are trying to use My Market Heatmap™ Friday evening through Sunday afternoon. All the Financial Instrument tiles will be grey
  • One flat price of $199.99 no monthly subscription charge. This is for lifetime access

    1. Your lifetime subscription will be transferred over to My Market Heatmap™
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  • The App version is available now. Here at Google Play and the Apple Appstore

    1. Buy AUD pairs when they are in the green zone when the US Dollar is in the red zone
    2. By S&P 500 when in the green zone
    3. Sell Oil when it is in the red zone
    1. Under the Terms and Conditions, there are two logins permitted per device per person.
    2. Multiple logins from various IP addresses and different persons is a violation of the terms of use. If sharing of logins is discovered, service will be permanently suspended without a refund.
    1. Telegram trading signals is provided by a third party not affiliated with My Market Heatmap™. FXTradecopy is the provider.
    2. Go into your Account Tab and Select “Addons” for the special exclusive offer for My Market Heatmap™ owners. You will then create an account with our partner FX TradeCopy
  • “To Zoom in, press ‘CTRL’ button and the “+” (plus sign) simultaneously. To Zoom out, press ‘CTRL’ button and the “-“ (minus sign) simultaneously.”