Chris Worsfold asked 4 years ago

Hi Gregory 
I look forward to using your Heatmap in the market this week. Thank you for offering this for such a generous price. I am trying to teach myself to scalp the EURUSD on a 70 tick chart watching the price action but I feel directionless and am only at breakeven on paper trading. I have traded on and off for 10 years but now as my Physical Therapy business is shut due to Covid I am under a lot of pressure to provide for  my family and I have always felt trading would suit me so I now have the time to explore the options. I have watched most of your YouTube videos and I like your style of trading.
I saw your PIp and Run training but am not sure which one would suit me best and whether the silver one will enable me to get up and running as a scalper. Also as I have experience of trading I am not sure if it is too basic. I see that the Gold one has a Pip and Run strategy ebook that the Silver training does not. It is a lot of money for me but I want to invest in my training but need to know more about it. What kind of stops are used (pips) and is there just ie pip and run method or a few?
I don’t have enormous funds – about £12K to spend on training and as capital to trade with in total but I am 1000% committed to learn a succesful method.
I have been meditating / praying for a sign and I have found you so I wonder would you be kind enough to please advise me on my best next steps? 
I am very grateful for your time.